Being a travel agent in Amsterdam

There was a time that being knowledgeable in providing the right information and advices about travel was enough to be a good travel agent. In 2016 this is not enough anymore. The travel agent industry continues to be a challenge, with still very low average annual incomes. The job of a travel agent is becoming more and more complex and stressful. Clients expect that we handle anything — and have the authority to do what needs to be done to satisfy customers. A lot of our time and energy is going to complex trips. The world is constantly changing. Nevertheless working at the travel agency gives you still the possibility to combine work and interests.

The last 5 years  my team did perform very well.

I give you 3 reasons why I think we are succesfull in this job:

  • We make contact

Get to know your client. Ask questions! Introduce yourself, be personal and onnest. Get to know their interest and their dreams. Invest more time in a loyal clients. We give our loyal clients highly personalized service, recommendations, whether online, by phone or in-person. They get the right amount of information at the right time through the channel they prefer. People are getting tired of waisting a lot off time on the internet.  We meet more and more people who after some bad experiences are loosing their faith in a faceless, nameless internetworld. I hope you do understand me, the internet is not our enemy, we love the internet. But we do also understand, if you want to spend a part of your income on a holiday, that you might appreciate it, that somebody takes responsibility that everything runs smoothly.


  • We inspire 

You know how you can easily book a trip on our own without using a travel agent. Probably you never contacted a travel agent like us. An allround travel agent like us, is getting rare. But I’m not sure if this trip would always be the same unforgettable trip, that you’d get through us. We and our customers visited so many places. Our knowledge and experience  is growing everyday. That’s also why we show where we’ve been. A good travel agent who have seen the world and visited many places on earth should share their experiences, it’s part of their job.

Tip for colleagues: Social media offers of course this opportunity. But an old fashioned offline photo book, with your own personal story, will give a surprisingly good result.  And more important, it’s more fun!


  • Be different

Working at the travel agency gives you the possibility to combine work and interest. Either if it’s food, architecture, nature, sport, books, photography, music etc you can use it in our job. We work with a team of very different characters and talents. The different ideas of the teammembers can be very helpful in responding to problems with complex journey’s and questions. We work in a open space, so we share the different ideas among the group. We love our job and respect each other ideas.

So use your talents be colorful, creative and different. 


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